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Service and support includes CAM/A LOT liquid dispensing systems. Includes SMD epoxy and solder paste dispensers.

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Service and support includes Quad ZCR/QCR reflow oven platforms.

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Pick & Place

Service and support of high precision SMT assembly platforms. Includes Quad Systems flexible placer and Meridian chip shooter assemblers.

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Screen Printers

Service and support of Speedline/MPM automatic and semi-automatic screenprinter platforms.

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Bluegrass Surface Mount Solutions

Bluegrass Surface Mount Solutions LLC was started in 2004 by Michael Tieman as a single owned LLC. Michael graduated in 1999 with a 4 year mechanical engineering degree from the University of Kentucky. He started with Quad Systems as a field service technician in July of 1999. After being let go because of a reduction of work force from Tyco Electronics in October of 2003, Quad customers in the Midwest persuaded Michael to go out on his own and start his own service organization. Since that time Michael is now self-employed and continues to be dedicated to providing top notch service and support to all customers he serves in the industry.

Bluegrass Surface Mount Solutions
6 Sentinel Drive
Wilder, Ky 41076

Office - 859-442-0776
Cell - 859-802-5508

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